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Greek beers

Zythos Vap Rhodes

Zythos Vap, the Rhodian beer that rocks

A blond lager that travels the taste of Rhodes all over Greece

In the summer you want beers and what beer is better than a greek, cool expressing the special flavors and tastes of the place? The level of Greek beer is very high and we have several examples all over the region that make us proud.

One of the best known and worthwhile is that of Zythos Vap, produced by the Rhodian company “VAP Kougios”. 2006 was released for the first time in a barrel. Beer from the Knights Island was loved and bottled. Today you can meet her more refreshed than ever, up to 700 km away from the place where she was born.

Classical, refreshing blond with a gentle taste of caramelized malt and fruity aromas, it creates our senses and in combination with the balanced bitterness it urges you to enjoy it until last drop.


The lager with the rich head, bright golden colour, and pleasant refreshing taste.Brewed from select varieties of barley and hops, Mythos guarantees pleasure in every occasion.Find it in special offers in every size

Magnus Beer

Magnus Magister is the ultimate product of the company, an excellent quality beer of Premium Lager type, which is produced with a traditional way of brewery, without the use of preservatives or other additives. The name of our beer Magnus Magister, means a Great Magister, while it refers to the historic period of the Knights of Rhodes and declares the highest rank of hierarchy, the highest of all. With this name the company expresses its vision to make Magnus Magister the first choice of beer in the market.
Magnus Magister is produced in the ultra-modern factory of “Papadimitriou S.A.”, in the area of Damatria, Rhodes with HACCP and ISO standards, German equipment, German raw materials, German Brewmaster and according to the cleaning standards set by the German legislation.


Blonde Light Lager. Cool with rich foam, drunk easily and fits perfectly with the Greek flavors. Has subtle fragrance and 5% alcohol content.
The beer ALFA is one of the oldest beer brands in Greece and was the first beer Greek name! Consistent with the history of the beer market in Greece on a path 48 years.
With glowing golden color and gentle aroma of malt and yeast beer brewed ALFA with the same pure traditional recipe entirely in Greece with Greek barley with 42%, while the bottle has several similarities with the first bottle of Alpha of the decade ‘ 60!
The blonde light lager beer ALFA is cool  fits perfectly with the Greek flavors and was associated with the Greek lifestyle and entertainment, warmth, hospitality, simplicity

International beers