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On 17 September 1891 Karl Fazer opened his French-Russian Café at Kluuvikatu 3 in Helsinki, Finland. Before that, he had completed his training of a confectioner in St. Petersburg, and he had studied in Berlin and Paris as well.

At the age of 25, he was prepared to show his skills in his home town Helsinki. His café soon became the most popular café and meeting place in town. The coffee, pastry, cakes and chocolate were excellent in quality. Karl Fazer was famous for his ambition to satisfy his customers. His aim to create taste sensations is still today at the core of the company’s activities and his demand for high quality one of its core values.

Karl Fazer is the brand of Fazer’s most popular chocolate, Karl Fazer milk chocolate. The charm of the beloved chocolate derives from fresh milk, cocoa beans of the highest quality, and a unique recipe. The secret recipe has been kept unchanged since 1922 when Fazer’s milk chocolate was first introduced to the market in its renowned blue wrapping.

Karl Fazer’s signature in the chocolate wrapping is a guarantee of high quality. We have given the Karl Fazer brand also to other products which we are especially proud of: Karl Fazer Exclusive and Karl Fazer Nordic Gourmet chocolates.

Karl Fazer Café is still located at the very same address in Helsinki, Kluuvikatu 3. It is a modern classic café where the present day and tradition meet. Most of the products in the café are hand made even today: confectioners, bakers and chefs create a variety of delicacies, often before the customers’ eyes.