• Karhu Beer from Finland

    Karhu is the strongest in its breed. Its full original gravity gives it a substantial and strong taste. Karhu is a full-bodied beer.

  • Local Honey Products

    “Melisomiki Dodecanese” is the largest production and standardization company for Melissa products in the Dodecanese, and also has a modern production unit for the traditional sweet of Rhodes, the honeycomb. It was founded in 1999 by Melissourgos Nikolaos and Retsa Nikolaos, people with particular love for bee, the environment and healthy eating. With the company, […]

  • Nuts the Healthy Snacks

    Eating nuts has been linked with a lower risk of heart disease. Now, the largest study to date on the subject suggests that regular consumption, and not any specific nut, offers the greatest benefit. The research, published online Nov. 13, 2017, by the Journal of the American College of Cardiology looked at more than 210,000 […]

  • Smirnoff Ice & Bacardi Breezer

    With the Smirnoff stamp of No1 premium vodka in the world, Smirnoff Ice is made with the No 71 Secret Recipe. A unique combination of Smirnoff vodka and refreshing lemon flavor that no one can copy … Unlikely and refreshing flavor in a dynamic, stylish bottle. Bacardi Breezers are made by blending Bacardi Superior rum […]

  • Apollonio Water Quality Taste Award

    Apollonius water is natural mineral water and is distinguished by its high magnesium content, which has many beneficial properties. More specifically, Magnesium helps maintain normal muscle and nerve function, keeps the heart rate stable and supports a healthy immune system. In addition, Magnesium helps regulate blood sugar levels, helps energy metabolism and protein synthesis, and […]

  • Live Your Myth in Greece

    Mythos beer was born in the 90s aka the coolest decade! 1997 was the first year of Mythos in the Greek market and it immediately gained rave impressions from consumers, breaking the status quo of other established beer choices in the Greek beer market by becoming a cool alternative. The recipe of Mythos beer, was […]

  • Hartwall Original “Lonkero”

    Hartwall Original since 1952 Hartwall Original Long Drink is a refreshing mix of Finnish premium gin and grapefruit soda. The Original taste has charmed since the 1952 Helsinki Olympics.

  • Starbucks Coffees

    A cup of coffee is the end of a long journey – from the land to the producer, to the special roasting and finally to your hands that are eagerly awaited. Each step has its importance in determining the taste of the coffee. Repeat the journey with us to see how Starbucks ensures that your […]

  • The Original Anise & Coffee Liquer from Rodos

    Based on the beautiful island of Rhodes, the AIGAION brewery produces Ouzo, Brandy, Liqueur, Dry Spirits and local spirits, always based on traditional recipes. Inspiration and passion for sophisticated flavors overflows with every product. Rum with honey, Ouzo with Coffee and many other liqueurs “water” with aromas of those who taste the extracts.

  • Zythos VAP

    Zythos Vap, the Rhodian beer that rocks A blond lager that travels the taste of Rhodes all over Greece